Why Do I Need A Consultant?

When businesses decide that it’s time to invest in a new technology solution, they often also have to decide whether they use internal resources to deliver on the project or bring in outside expertise. The decision is not an easy one as, undoubtedly, there will be an additional cost involved. 

Here we examine the top benefits of using a consultant like Sabre:

Expertise and experience 

Consultants don’t become experts overnight, usually they will have worked extensively in a specific and relatively narrow area and will have become subject matter experts in that area. Your internal staff, by contrast, usually have a more ‘generalist’ knowledge, which is needed to do their day-to-day jobs but may not match this specific project. 

If the technology you are choosing is new to you, having an expert means you do not need to hire a new employee with expertise in this area or retrain a current employee for what may be a relatively short period of time. 

Chances are, your consultant has already completed a similar project like yours, which means they already know the necessary steps to be taken and common roadblocks or pitfalls and be better placed to navigate them. They will also be working with multiple companies similar to yours, with similar challenges, making them aware of the latest trends and developments in the field which they can use to benefit your business.  

Supplement your workforce

Businesses tend to be relatively lean in terms of their staff resources. This means using internal resources to deliver a transformation project puts a strain on the ‘business as usual’ operations, causing them to be neglected and understaffed. Equally, the project itself is likely to suffer from this splitting of priorities; quite simply, having a member of staff dedicate a few hours a week, fitting it around their day-job, just can’t obtain the same results as having someone working on it full time. This approach also puts undue pressure on your staff, which is far from ideal for a positive project outcome. 

Rather, using external resources to lead transformation projects ensures day-to-day operations are well supported, while a team of consultants (supported by a feasible team of internal employees) takes the lead on your project, driving the change quickly and efficiently. 

Independent thinking

There can be several benefits to using consultants linked to the fact they don’t work within your organisation. 

Firstly, sometimes employees are too close to a problem to identify the solution (or even that there is a problem!), which a fresh pair of eyes can more readily see.

Your consultant also brings an often much-needed objectivity to the situation. If remediating a problem area, they are not caught up in your organisation’s history and therefore the ‘blame-game’ of how the situation came about, which may hinder the identification of potential solutions. 

By virtue of being objective, consultants can also be tasked with making difficult decisions which need a sufficient amount of emotional distance, a lack of personal bias, and no conflict of interest in order to make.

Their independence means they are not influenced by the internal politics which may exist and, if there is internal debate, consultants can also help mediate the discussions and provide neutral advice.

A long-lasting partnership

Using a consultant doesn’t have to be a short-term commitment. Your consultant can become professional partners who support your business over many years. Depending on the type of project, you may be embarking on a process of continuous improvement, or just need a mentor or sounding board for advice on a sporadic basis – either way your consultant already knows your business concerns and how your system is implemented, so is ideally placed to offer this support. 

Additionally, when your next project in this area comes along, the relationship and knowledge already built contributes to better efficiency and effectiveness. 


At Sabre, we understand that hiring a consultant – on top of what is often already a significant outlay in the technology or solution you’re implementing – might seem expensive. However, we believe this is a common misconception and that having a cost-effective consultancy solution should be seen as an investment in your project’s success. 

Put simply, it can make the difference between getting the project done, and getting the project done right. 

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